Best answer: Did Linkin Park make what i’ve done for Transformers?

Is Numb by Linkin Park in Transformers?

The song from the third studio album of Linkin Park featured in the film Transformers. … The Linkin Park song comes towards the beginning of the end credits in the 2007 movie Transformers.

Was in the end by Linkin Park in Transformers?

The album has sold 150,000 copies.

Track listing.

# 1
Title “What I’ve Done”
Performer(s) Linkin Park
Notes Ending Theme #1 (leads into end credits); and is audible on Bumblebee’s radio when Sam Witwicky drops Mikaela Banes off at her house, and during the theatrical trailer & some commercials.

What movies has Linkin Park been in?


  • Known For. Transformers Soundtrack (2007)
  • The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack (2003)
  • The One Soundtrack (2001)
  • The Expendables 3 Soundtrack (2014)
  • Soundtrack. Hunter Reviews (2020)
  • Major Moment: Leave Out All the Rest (A Tribute to Chester Bennington) (2019)
  • American Dad! (
  • Family Guy (2017)

Has Linkin Park found a new singer?

Mike Shinoda is the rare musician who has had one foot in the music business the whole time. The other has been on the guitar pedal: Since 1996, Shinoda has recorded and performed as the lead vocalist and instrumentalist of rock band Linkin Park, which he co-founded.

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Who sang Numb by Linkin Park?

What is the song at the end of Transformers Dark of the Moon?

Linkin Park’s Iridescent plays when Sam and the crew are driving to Chicago to save Carlye and also as the first song during the end credits.

Who sang new divide?

What Linkin Park album is new divide on?