Best answer: What is fluid compensation?

What is the meaning maintenance model?

The meaning maintenance model (MMM) proposes that people have a need for meaning; that is, a need to perceive events through a prism of mental representations of expected relations that organizes their perceptions of the world.

What is the primary implication of the meaning maintenance model?

What is the primary implication of the meaning maintenance model? When people are exposed to seemingly meaningless or uncertain situations, they strive to affirm familiar meanings and morals, even in unrelated areas.

What is maintenance in psychology?

Maintenance Rehearsal is the process of repeatedly verbalizing or thinking about a piece of information. Your short term memory is able to hold information about about 20 seconds.

What can mortality salience lead to?

Mortality salience, or awareness of the inevitability of one’s own death, generates a state of anxiety that triggers a defense mechanism for the control of thinking that affects different human activities and psychological processes.

How do differences in self-esteem affect Behaviour?

Self-esteem refers to the positive (high self-esteem) or negative (low self-esteem) feelings that we have about ourselves. … Although high self-esteem does correlate with many positive outcomes in life, overly high self-esteem creates narcissism, which can lead to unfriendly, rude, and ultimately dysfunctional behaviors.

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