Best answer: What is stator in induction motor?

What is the function of stator?

In an electric motor, the stator provides a magnetic field that drives the rotating armature; in a generator, the stator converts the rotating magnetic field to electric current. In fluid powered devices, the stator guides the flow of fluid to or from the rotating part of the system.

What is the difference between rotor and stator?

The stator and rotor both are the parts of the electrical motor. The significant difference between the rotor and the stator is that the rotor is the rotating part of the motor whereas the stator is the stationary part of the motor.

What is a stator in a pump?

Stators are metal tubes with internally molded cavities of synthetic or natural rubber. The rotor seals tightly against the flexible rubber inside the stator as it rotates, forming tightly sealed cavities which carry the liquid toward the discharge port.

Why stator is used in induction motor?

The stator of an induction motor consists of poles carrying supply current to induce a magnetic field that penetrates the rotor. To optimize the distribution of the magnetic field, windings are distributed in slots around the stator, with the magnetic field having the same number of north and south poles.

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What is the meaning of a stator?

Eric Adams, Wired, 13 Nov. 2020 Image above: The stator generates the magnetic field of the motor. — Amy Weiss-meyer, The Atlantic, 26 Mar. 2020 One set is stationary (called the stator) and the other is mounted on a rotating shaft (called the rotor). —

What are different parts of stator?

The essential parts in the stator are the outer frame, core, and winding. The stator diagram is shown below.

Why stator is used in DC motor?

In a DC motor, the stator provides a rotating magnetic field that drives the armature to rotate. … These key operating principles of DC motors allow them to convert the electrical energy from direct current into mechanical energy through the rotating movement, which can then be used for the propulsion of objects.

What is a stator winding?

In electric motor: Induction motors. A three-phase set of stator windings is inserted in slots in the stator iron. These windings may be connected either in a wye configuration, normally without external connection to the neutral point, or in a delta configuration.

What is the stator core?

The stator core is built up of thin punched laminations of electrical grade steel, which are commonly called “punchings.” They are segmented, meaning that 12 to 24 punchings are laid side-by-side to form a complete 360° ring, comprising one layer.