Best answer: What types of energy transformations take place when a balloon lights a light bulb?

What energy transformations occur in a hot air balloon?

kinetic energy is the energy transformation that occurs in a hot balloon. Explanation: Kinetic energy takes place when the air inside the balloon gets exposed to heat. The hot air rises which will create and fill the shape of the balloon and allows it to move.

What energy transformations take place in the mercury bulb?

In a fluorescent light bulb, electrical energy causes mercury vapor inside the light bulb to give off ultraviolet energy which is absorbed by the phosphor particles which coat the light bulb. The phosphor particles then glow, which gives off the visible light.

What energy transformations occur when propane gas is used to life the balloon?

What energy transformations occur when propane gas is used to lift the balloon? Propane- stored chemical energy. When the propane is lit the chemical energy transform into heat (thermal energy). Heat causes the air inside the balloon to expand which makes the balloon move.

Is a hot air balloon kinetic or potential energy?

Balloons are elastic and store potential energy when they are filled with air. When the air is released, the potential energy is converted into the energy of motion, which is also known as kinetic energy.

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