Best answer: Which way do current transformers go?

What happens if CT polarity is reversed?

Generally current transformer is called as CT. … Otherwise (polarity reversed), the devices starts malfunctioning, i.e energy meter shows negative readings, relay may read negative current hence relay may activate the trip circuit, reverse power relay activation is alternator or generator circuits etc.

Are current transformers directional?

Remember: There’s a Right Side and a Wrong Side on a CT

The last thing I’d say about current transformers is that they are directional. If you look at most CTs, there will be a label that will tell you which side should point toward the source of power.

Which way should CTs face?

Key Points. Install CTs on the phase conductor that corresponds to the voltage input phase. Install CTs with the arrow or label ‘This side toward source’ facing towards the breaker feeding the load.

Are CT directional?

CT Polarity

The polarity of a current transformer is determined by the direction in which the coils are wound around the core of the CT (clockwise or counter clockwise), and by which way the secondary leads are brought out of the transformer case.

How can you tell substation from CT and PT?

Important is connection, as C.T is having thick bar primary connected in series, between transformer secondary and bus bar, can easily be judged, while P.T place is on side, looks having only low current, input wired connection, and connected in parallel.

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Can a current transformer work in reverse?

Yes, you can use the transformer in reverse, but note that the ratio is usually adjusted up by 5-10% to allow for the voltage loss under rated load due to winding resistance. When you use it in reverse, that will result in a lower output voltage than expected.