Best answer: Why does the poet something wake up during the night?

What does the poet do when the night comes?

Answer: The poet will come to the earth. He wanted to become the child again and beg his mother to tell a story.

Why does not the poet sleep well in the night?

Answer: The poet couldn’t sleep for three nights because sleep was running away from him. … Many of us can identify with Wordsworth’s experience of being sleepless the whole night as they are stressed out by the pressures of life and so they cannot fall asleep until the birds twitter their dawn chorus.

What does the poet feel at night?

-how the roots work all night to disengage themselves from the veranda floor. The leaves strain towards the glass. She sits inside the house,doors open to the veranda and writing long letters. She feels like her head is full of whispers.

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What happens when the poet rest in the grace of the world?

Answer: when the crow shook down from the tree ladder then it changed poets mood from sorrow to happiness. hence the poet’s rest of the day became good because of happiness.

What weeps in rainy tears?

(a) Who weeps in the form of rainy tears? Answer: The dark rain-bearing clouds weep tears of rain in their sadness.

Is the poet now a child?

No, the poet is not a child anymore. He is a grown-up individual. The poet’s mother is not alive.

What are the ways in which the poet tries to sleep in the poem to sleep?

Answer: He lies in bed imagining different sights, both small and big, and sounds, both soft and loud, hoping to be able to sleep thereby pictures a flock of sheep walking by, slowly one behind the other as well as the wide, colourful expanses of green fields, white sheets of water and blue skies.

Why did the poet spend ten sleepless nights?

(b) Why did the poet spend ten sleepless nights? Answer: The poet’s servant on reading the poem written by the poet went into a fit of laughter so much that he was unstoppable for ten days and nights. Hence, the poet had to spend ten sleepless nights to look after the servant.

How many sleepless nights did the speaker have?

3. How many sleepless nights did the speaker have? Ans. The speaker has three sleepless nights.

How does the poet describe the night in poem trees?

Answer: It is night time. The night is fresh. In the open sky, the full moon is shining. The poet feels the smell of leaves and lichen reaching inside the room.

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How does the poet react to the owl’s cry?

Answer: The poet refers to the Owl’s cry with a purpose. … The poet considers the owl to be a typical spokesman of the deprived and the destitute. By its sad hooting, the owl tells the tale of suffering and sorrows of the poor and the down-trodden and the soldiers.

How does the poet justify the cry of the owl?

The owls cry reminds Thomas of the suffering he had undergone when he was on the hills but more so it reminds him of the more permanent greater suffering of those who could not escape. He says that he has “escaped”. The owl’s cry seems to represent his conscience and his capacity for empathy.