Can APC UPS be placed horizontally?

Can I lay an APC UPS on its side?

they are lead acid battries so should be kept upright. the top of the electrodes need to stay out of the acid so laying them on side will cause issues. there is also the possibility of leaks.

Can I keep my UPS horizontally?

3 Answers. Every UPS I have can be mounted in a rack (horizontal) or kept on the floor in vertical position. So there’s really no difference. UPS batteries have solid (gel) electrolyte and are not sensible to tilting…

Can I put my UPS sideways?

Yes, however, the LCD panel will be easier to use when the UPS is in its standard orientation. If you choose to position the UPS unit in a non-standard position, make sure the fan on the back and at least one of the side vents are left unobstructed so the UPS has plenty of airflow.

Can you mount an APC UPS vertically?

The UPS Mount 548i allows you to mount your APC UPS Unit vertically – to the side of a wall, desk, table, or other stable surface. … Model ID: UPSM-548.

Can I put a UPS on carpet?

Carpets and electronics are never a good mix. You might dust up the inside of your ups pretty badly, also static charges from you shuffling over the carpet might not be good for it (or your computers).

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Where can I store my UPS?

Your UPS must be kept in a location with a temperature not exceeding 77° F (25° C). Every 8° C rise in temperature may cut your battery life in half. Leave at least 2 inches of space on each side of the unit for proper airflow. Do not place your UPS device near open windows or high-moisture areas.

Do car batteries have to be upright?

Car batteries contain electrolyte solution, which is an extremely corrosive acid. Keep the battery in an upright position to prevent this solution from leaking.