Can UPS driver helpers have tattoos?

How many days a week does a UPS driver helper work?

UPS Driver Helper Schedule

Generally, a driver helper works from 40-60 hours a week with a flexible schedule. If you decide to apply for this job, be prepared to have long work hours on the weekdays and be on call when you’re needed.

Do UPS driver helpers get uniforms?

I have worked as a driver helper for 4 days last week, and there is no uniform for me except for one sleeveless garment labelled with “Seasonal Helper”. we should wear black shoe that is for working outdoor. As a package handler it doesn’t matter what you wear except for your shoes. As a helper it’s the same.

What does a UPS driver helper make?

The typical UPS Driver Helper salary is $18 per hour. Driver Helper salaries at UPS can range from $10 – $27 per hour.

Can you wear earrings at UPS?

The company appears to still have limits in place for piercings — employees are allowed to wear earrings and small facial piercings, but they must appear “businesslike,” according to The Journal.

Can you wear Timberlands to UPS?

You are required to wear boots. They can be steel toed or not.

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How long is a UPS driver helper shift?

You work full time shifts at least 8 – 9 hours depending on the season and day. The normal hours for a seasonal driver helper is ten hours. The normal hours for a driver helper ranges from 20 to 40 depending on the workload.

Is it hard to get hired as a UPS driver?

UPS driver jobs are challenging, but they appeal to a lot of candidates for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is the generous pay and benefits that drivers earn. Because these jobs are so prized, they’re hard to come by. It takes both skill and luck to land a job as a UPS driver.

Do UPS driver helpers get benefits?

The UPS driver helper job offer reaches a peak during the vacation season. The role demands excellent physical strength. The job comes with a benefits package to the employee, working for an hourly rate or full time.

What should I wear on my first day at UPS?

3The right clothing

  • Dress in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes.
  • No loose-fitting clothes that might get caught in mechanical equipment.
  • No shirts, hats or jackets with offensive themes, images or logos.
  • No loose or long jewelry—it’s better to leave all jewelry at home.