Did they really jump off the cliff in Grown Ups 2?

Did they actually jump off the cliff in Grown Ups 2?

In the previews for “Grown Ups 2,” a frat bro played by Lautner forces Sandler and the gang to jump off a cliff naked and into the water below. That jump (excluding the “naked” part) is actually based on a place from Sandler’s childhood, where he and his friends would go a few times a year.

Where did they cliff jump in Grown Ups 2?

A scene for the Adam Sandler movie “Grown Ups 2” was filmed at the quarry in 2012. While that may have increased some attention to the quarry, Neal said it has always been a popular attraction in the summer.

Is the deer Real on Grown Ups 2?

Miscellaneous. A deer was used in this movie whilst in the first Grown Ups, when Adam Sandler asks Salma Hayek during a slow dance if she would like to be his number 26 girl that he makes out with in that very spot … and she replied yes as long as she is the last, their kiss was interrupted by a deer head piece.

Who did Adam Sandler dress up as in Grown Ups 2?

Sandler almost without exception uses ’80s music in every film, but he surpassed himself by staging an all-out ’80s Party in Grown Ups 2. Chris Rock as Prince. Sandler as Bruce Springsteen.

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Why did Rob Schneider not play in Grown Ups 2?

Contrary to popular belief, Rob Schneider did not repeat his role because he fell in love with Sandler. He turned down the film due to scheduling conflicts and his wife had a baby during production.

How high are the Westford quarries?

Investigators believe the teen jumped from one of the highest ledges of the quarry, which is about 100 feet high, and when he hit the water he began to struggle.