Does grip width affect pull ups?

Are pull-ups easier with wide grip?

Pullups, done with both hands in an overhand (or prone) grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, prove to be the most difficult of the pair. The wide grip isolates your lats, taking away much of the emphasis from the biceps.

Should pull-ups be wide grip?

Your grip should be wider than shoulder-width. You can stand on a plyometric box or a secure flat bench to reach the pull-up bar.

Does grip affect pull-ups?

When we mention grip strength most people don’t bother and keep doing whatever they were doing. … However, grip strength training can make a huge difference in routine exercises such as pull-ups and deadlifts. In fact, it can also help you develop stronger forearms.

Are wide grip pull-ups bad?

Wide grip pull-ups can cause shoulder injuries, especially if you go for a very wide grip. That’s bad, and it won’t get you anywhere. An exaggerated wide grip is only hindering your range of motion and power, so never go beyond just outside of shoulder-width.

Are narrow pull-ups harder?

Close-grip pull-ups put a greater emphasis on your biceps and chest muscles making for better upper-body development exercise. The exercise will be better for those newer to pull-ups as it is slightly easier to do than a standard pull up or other variations of the pull-up.

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