Frequent question: Can you hang a 150kva transformer?

Can you hang a transformer?

Every junction box in the building must be readily accessible, but a transformer can hang in a closed chase as long as it gets ventilated air. The UL1591 wants 6 in. of clearance all around the outside of the enclosure. Several ANSI/IEEE standards apply to installing dry-type transformers.

Can you suspend a kVA transformer?

A. Dry-type transformers, rated not more than 50 kVA, are permitted above suspended ceilings or in hollow spaces of buildings, if not permanently closed in by the structure [450.13(B)].

Can you mount a transformer above a panel?

If the headroom below the transformer and above the required working space in front of the switchboard is 6 feet, 6 inches or more, then the transformer location is acceptable. The transformer does not intrude upon the dedicated space directly above the switchboard, as required by Sec. 110-26(f).

Can you hang a 112.5 kVA transformer?

Dry-type transformers installed indoors that are over 112.5 kVA: According to the provisions in Section 450.21(B), dry-type transformers of more than 112.5 kVA must be installed in a transformer room of fire-resistant construction having a minimum fire rating of one hour (general rule). However, the Ex.

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How do you mount a transformer?

Remove the transformer from the wall. Drill bottom anchor holes and install the anchors. Place the transformer back on top of the uppermost mounting screw and install screws into the anchors at the bottom of the transformer to secure it to the wall.

Can you mount a transformer sideways?

No You cannot. The enclosure is oriented to protect from the weather and the core is not mounted in such a way that sideways mounting is structurally supported. IE if you mount it sideways the core will likely shift inside the enclosure and fail.

Do transformers need to be bolted down?

These units can be floor or platform mounted but must always be in a vertical position with the mounting feet down. The ventilating openings of this transformer must not be blocked or restricted in any way that will reduce the flow of air through the transformer.

Do you need a disconnect on the primary side of a transformer?

A disconnect is required to disconnect all transformer ungrounded primary conductors. The disconnect must be located within sight of the transformer, unless the location of the disconnect is field-marked on the transformer and the disconnect is lockable [450.14], as shown in the Figure.

Does a transformer need a housekeeping pad?

Housekeeping pads are a very workmanlike procedure and in my opinion should be included in every floor-mounted installation of dry-type transformers but this is not a safety oriented requirement and is not a requirement of the NEC.

How far does a transformer have to be from a building?

Generally, a transformer located near a building requires 4ft clearance from the building vertical surfaces, assuming no windows from grade to 18ft.

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Does NEC 110.26 apply to Transformers?

The National Electrical Code Section 110.26 (A) Working Space states in part, “Working space for equipment operating at 600 volts, nominal, or less to ground and likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized.” Transformers are not meant to be worked on while energized, therefore …

What is a class 155 transformer?

Transformers with Class 155 or higher insulation systems separated by a fire-resistant heat-insulating barrier or by not less than 6 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically. Transformers with Class 155 or higher insulation systems completely enclosed except for ventilating openings.

Are dry type transformers 1000 volts or less required to be readily accessible?

Accessibility. Transformers must be readily accessible to qualified personnel for inspection and maintenance [450.13]; however, you don’t need to make dry-type transformers readily accessible, if you locate them: In the open on walls, columns, or structures (Fig. 1).

What type of transformer must be installed in a vault?

Any askarel-insulated transformer rated over 35,000 volts must be installed in a vault. Many transformers are cooled and insulated with a special insulating oil.