Frequent question: How do you use shake up?

How do you use shake up in a sentence?

1. Shake up the medicine before taking it. 2. The government wanted to reform the institutions, to shake up the country.

What does the phrase shake up mean?

1 obsolete : chide, scold. 2 : to jar by or as if by a physical shock the collision shook up both drivers. 3 : to effect an extensive and often drastic reorganization of. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About shake-up.

What is the meaning of I want to shake you up?

to upset someone: It really shook Gerry up when his best friend moved away.

Have been shaken up meaning?

If you are shaken up by an unpleasant experience, or if something shakes you up, it makes you feel shocked and upset, and unable to think calmly or clearly.

What do you mean by shake?

1 : to move irregularly to and fro. 2 : to vibrate especially as the result of a blow or shock. 3 : to tremble as a result of physical or emotional disturbance shook with fear. 4 : to experience a state of instability : totter. 5 : to briskly move something to and fro or up and down especially in order to mix.

What’s another word for Shooken up?

What is another word for shaken up?

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upset unsettled
troubled discomfited
shaken alarmed
thrown bothered
flustered confounded

Is shaken up a word?

Greatly startled, shocked, or upset.

What is the past tense of shake up?

The past tense of shake up is shook up. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of shake up is shakes up. The present participle of shake up is shaking up. The past participle of shake up is shaken up.