Frequent question: What is the relative speed between stator field and rotor field?

What is relative speed between stator and rotor fluxes?

The relative speed between stator and rotor fluxes is equal to Zero.

Does rotor speed equal stator speed?

If the rotor speed is made equal to that of the stator field and there is no load torque, these two magnetic fields will tend to align with each other.

What is the speed of the stator and rotor magnetic fields with respect to stator?

1.2 Rotating stator field – rotating rotor field

A three-phase current with frequency fS in the stator winding creates a rotating magnetic field . The speed of this field is n S = 60 ⋅ f S p with respect to the stator.

What is relation between rotor MMF and stator MMF?

d) rotor mmf = 0.70 * stator mmf. Explanation: First the stator mmf is calculated. Then it is multiplied by 0.85 to obtain the rotor mmf.

What is relative speed in motor?

The relative speed between the rotating field and stator winding is Ns – 0 = Ns. Therefore, the frequency of induced current or voltage in the stator winding is f = Ns P/120—the supply frequency. Effect of Slip on the Rotor Circuit. When the rotor is stationary, s = 1.

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What is rotor speed?

The rotor speed, rotational speed of the rotor, is usually measured in rotations per minute (rpm) or tip speed in feet per minute.

What is the speed of the rotor in RPM?

Rotor spinning

Rotor speeds typically lie in the 120–210 m/s range, but mostly between 150 and 190 m/s, with a tendency to be higher with a smaller rotor diameter [6]. Currently the smallest rotor diameter used industrially is 28 mm with rotor speed up to 150,000 rpm, though some machines can reach 160,000 rpm.

What is the difference between stator field speed to stator?

Answer: This difference between the speed of the rotor and speed of the rotating magnetic field in the stator is called slip. It is unitless and is the ratio between the relative speed of the magnetic field as seen by the rotor to the speed of the rotating field.

Can speed of rotor and stator field be same in induction motor Why?

3 Answers. In an induction motor, the speed of the rotor structure is always less than the speed of the stator field. However the rotor field rotates faster than the rotor structure so that the rotor and stator fields are synchronized with each other.

What is synchronous speed and rotor speed?

The synchronous speed refers to the stator rotating magnetic field, which depends on the number of poles and frequency. … The rotor speed will be always slower than the stator speed, we call it slip. Without the slip, the squirrel cage induction motor doesn’t have torque.

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What is synchronous speed formula?

The synchronous speed of an AC motor is determined by the frequency of the source and the number of poles. The RPM is calculated by multiplying the frequency times 60 and dividing by the number of pairs of poles. … Actual speed of the induction motor will be less than the synchronous speed.