How do I get a refund on Ding top up?

Can you refund a mobile top-up?

Because of the immediate use nature of a Top-Up, once a transaction has been completed and the Top-Up sent to the cited mobile number, it cannot be modified, cancelled, refunded or removed.

How can I cancel a ding top-up?

Click on “My Account” button at the top of the right hand side of the screen.

  1. Then, select the “Auto top-ups” option from the drop-down list.
  2. After clicking that option, you will see a list of your recent auto top-ups. …
  3. Confirm the cancelation, clicking on Yes, cancel.
  4. That’s it!

How do I cancel ding?

If you need to close your account, please send an email to

Is Ding com a trusted website?

Our service is so reliable that we are recognised as resellers on operators websites including Tigo, Cubacel, Vodafone, Orange and many others. As we are the longest running international top-up provider, since 2006 we’ve developed close relationships directly with networks we support.

How can I get my money back from mobile recharge?

Issue a full or partial refund in Recharge

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Locate the charge that needs to be refunded and select the drop-down arrow to expand the Charge details. Enter the amount to be refunded in the Refund by amount field. Click Refund and select Process refund when prompted.

How do I get a refund from 3?

Customers can request their money back online or by calling. Three: No automatic refunds are given. Similar to TalkTalk, Three say that if customers end up with a credit balance on their final bill, they should call so “we’ll check everything to see if we need to give you a refund”.

Can I get a refund from Ding?

Once a Top-up or Voucher is sent, it can be used immediately and therefore it cannot be refunded or removed. To avoid Products being provided to the wrong phone or email address, Ding asks you to confirm, where applicable, that the recipient details you have entered are correct.

How do I reverse the wrong number on my credit report?

How to reverse wrong MPESA transaction

  1. Immediately you realise you sent money to the wrong Safaricom MPESA No, just go to the SMS you received from Safaricom.
  2. Copy that Transaction Code and create a blank SMS, paste it there and send to the number 456.
  3. Safaricom will do their best to reverse that transaction.

How do I remove a credit card from Digicel app?

Simply, click the Delete option beside the card to remove it from the account. The option to remove your stored card is not available on the App and must be done from the Top Up website.

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What is ding on my bank statement?

Ding does not have access to customer card information and will not make any other charges on your account. If you see unauthorized charges that refer to Ding, please contact your bank immediately as it is likely your card details have been compromised elsewhere.

How do I send top up to Jamaica?

You can send credit to the following Jamaican networks: Digicel, Flow (formerly Lime).

Once you have a Ding account created you can recharge in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the number to top-up.
  2. Select an amount of credit to send.
  3. Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the top-up is sent!

Is Ding safe to send money?

So whether you call it t mobile top-up, recharge, refill, airtime, or credit, you know you can send it on the Ding app. -All transaction are protected by Trustwave 128-bit SSL encryption and monitored by our internal fraud team, working 365 days a year to keep your details safe. -Most top-ups are received instantly.

How long does Ding top-up take?

A top-up is applied to a phone number within a few seconds. Sometimes there can be a short delay on the operator’s side. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as your top-up has been successfully processed.

Is recharge safe?

Absolutely! All connections to FreeCharge through the browser and application are 128-bit encrypted. This simply means that all your transactional & personal card details added while doing your online recharge will always be safe & secure.