How do I stop APC UPS from beeping?

What does it mean when my APC battery back up keeps keeps beeping?

If you’ve lost power, it’s beeping to let you know that the battery is in use, and that you should save your work and shut down your computer. A constant beep (every second or two, and never stopping) generally means the UPS is very low on battery power, and you should shut down immediately.

How do I mute APC battery backup?

Quick Mute

Pressing the POWER button for more than 2 seconds will turn off the UPS. Other critical events such as Battery replacement and Charger notification can not be temporarily muted. The unit in these cases must be turned off.

How do I fix ups beep?

To do this, power down all equipment attached to the battery outlets. Then reboot the Back-UPS ES by turning it off then count to 5 and power it back on. If the constant tone clears, then it was a false onbattery condition and the unit has been reset. It now is ready to be used again.

Why is my APC Back UPS 550 beeping?

The Back-UPS ES is about to shut off due to a low battery charge condition! When the unit beeps once every second, the battery has about 2 minutes of power remaining. … As a battery ages, the amount of runtime available will decrease. You can replace the battery by ordering one at

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How long does APC battery backup last?

APC says the battery in this model should last 3-5 years, and are replaceable. This model gives you about 25 minutes of battery backup with a 100-watt load. That’s enough time to save your work and shutdown, but not a good solution if you want to stay up and running during a longer power outage.

Why is my PC beeping continuously?

One long, continuous beep generally means that there is a hardware problem – often memory related – that can prevent your computer from starting up at all. … In a worst-case scenario, your computer is experiencing a major hardware malfunction that will require repair or replacement.