How do you call a function in data transform in PEGA?

How do you call a function from data transformation?

How to call Data-Transform from expression builder ?

  1. Create a data transform.
  2. Create an activity which calls the above data transform.
  3. Create a custom function which calls above activity.
  4. Use this function in the expression builder.

How do you call an activity from data transform in PEGA?

You can call custom activities as well from data transform using callActivity() function. Pass primaryPage and activityName to callActivity.

How do you call a function in PEGA?

Use the Call-Function method to call a Rule-Utility-Function that returns a value for a property or parameter. Unlike calling functions by using the Property-set method, functions that are called by using the Call-Function method can also return a value of void. This Call-Function method uses an array of parameters.

How do you call a decision table in data transform in PEGA?

You can use pxEvaluateDecisionTable function to call the Decision table.

Can we call report definition in data transform in PEGA?

Yes Bhanu. You are correct! Use call activity function in the data transform, use the OOTB activity (Rule-Obj-Report-Definition. pxRetrieveReportData ) to execute the report definition.

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How do you call a data page in an activity?

In activity, there is an method “Load-DataPage” to run data page in activity here in parameter we have to give Pool ID- a unique value(in my activity i gave ABC), and in Data Page we have to give the datapage what we wants to call.

How do you call a Validate rule in data transformation?

To execute a validate rule during initial entry of a work item, create a validate rule named onAdd with a work type as the key part. The standard activity Work-. Add causes a validation rule with that name to execute. You can also create a validate rule called Validate that will run when a work item is updated.

What is Call Report in activity in PEGA?

You can call Report Definition from an activity in the implementation layer. In the Parameters for this step, you can pass the Report Details. In the step page pass a clipboard page <page. pxResults> in the class where you want the report data.

How can a call to an overloaded function be ambiguous?

How can a call to an overloaded function be ambiguous ? EXPLANATION : The call to an overloaded function can be ambiguous if the two or more functions have the same name and same function signature.

What is implied by the argument of a function?

Argument of a function means its detail. Its proper detail is given.