How do you use buttoned up?

What does the expression buttoned up mean?

also buttoned-up. adjective. If you say that someone is buttoned up, you mean that they do not usually talk about their thoughts and feelings. [informal]

Does button up have a hyphen?

English is anyway fond of creating phrasal verbs like “button up” when logically it seems as if the main verb alone might suffice to express the required meaning. By the way, there should be no hyphen in “button up” unless it is used as a modifier (e.g. “button-up shirt”).

How do you spell button up shirt?

used to describe a piece of clothing that fastens with a row of buttons up the front: The server uniform was dark denim jeans, a button-up shirt with any striped pattern, and a pair of sneakers.

What does it mean to be buttoned down?

1. Having or fastened together by buttons, as of the collar of a shirt. … We’re going to a nice restaurant for dinner, so be sure to wear a buttoned-down shirt, please! 2. Conservative, unimaginatively conventional, or old-fashioned, as of a person’s clothing, attitude, behavior, or beliefs.

What does it mean to zip up?

1 : to close or connect (something) with a zipper He zipped up his jacket. 2 : to use a zipper to fasten someone’s clothing Will you zip me up, please?

What does button mean?

informal + impolite. —used to tell someone to stop talking She angrily told him to button it.

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