How much clearance is in front of a transformer?

What is the minimum clearance between transformer and walls?

Transformers should be located at least 12 in. to 18 in. away from walls and other obstructions that might prevent free circulation of air through and around each unit, unless the unit is designed for wall mounting and installed per the manufacturer.

Do transformers require working space?

Working space must be allowed in front of the transformer; in practice additional space may be required by some building codes for passage between the transformer and the wall.

What is a safe distance from a transformer?

200 meters is a good safe distance, which usually ensures values corresponding to the population average. Depending on the loads served by each line you can record normal levels of magnetic fields even 50 meters or less from the cables.

What is the minimum distance between dry type transformers?

Energy Efficient (EE Type) Ventilated Dry Type Transformers must be installed so that a minimum of 3 inches clearance is available between a ventilation opening and any wall or other obstructions.

Is it bad to live next to a transformer?

Transformer substations located close to the living areas could induce high long-term exposures to extremely low frequency magnetic fields of nearby inhabitants. Some of the researches have shown increased risk to childhood leukemia associated with the long term exposure to the elevated levels of magnetic fields.

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What are minimum distance from transformer to house?

Fire services officials said that as per the hazard area stipulation in the Petroleum Act, transformers should be at least nine metres away from a building.

What is minimum electrical clearance?

110-26 of the National Electrical Code (NEC): 1) at least a 3-ft clearance in front of all electrical equipment; 2) a 30 in. -wide working space in front of equipment operating at 600V or less; and 3) minimum headroom clearance of 6 ft or the height of the equipment, whichever is greater.