Is beat up meaning?

What does beat up mean in slang?

beat-up in American English

(ˈbitˈʌp ) US. adjective. Slang. dilapidated, battered, shabby, deteriorated, etc.

Is beat up correct?

This is the British English definition of beat up. View American English definition of beat up.

beat up ​Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
he/she/it beats up
present participle beating up
past tense beat up
past participle beaten up

What does beat up someone mean?

us. /bit/ to hit someone hard and repeatedly: Two people were arrested for beating up that man.

Is beat up an idiom?

verb To criticize someone harshly and/or continually. In this usage, the phrase is often followed by “on.” Mom, I know you’re disappointed in Stephanie’s grades, but quit beating up on her—she feels bad enough as it is. I haven’t made many sales this year, so I expect to get beat up in my performance review.

How do you use beat up in a sentence?

Beat-up sentence example

  1. It was a beat-up Camaro parked half a block down. …
  2. Gabriel began to beat up the dummy again. …
  3. He threw himself into one of the beat-up chairs in the tiny comms center.
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What is a slang word for defeat?

Banjax, banjo, cane, clobber, knock out, thrash, lam, lash, lick, scupper, smear, thump, tonk, wallop, whomp and whop.

How do you use beat up?

beaten up in a sentence

  1. We got beaten up for not consulting the Mexican government first.
  2. They fear getting hurt, getting rejected and getting beaten up.
  3. She was beaten up twice, and a colleague mysteriously disappeared.
  4. “They’ve just beaten up on those teams.
  5. I’ve been beaten up for five years in Phoenix.

Was beat up or beaten up?

Beat up is an idiomatic expression requiring both words in the phrase. Otherwise, beat would mean bested in a contest of rivals. Beaten is the past participle of to beat.

What does beat up mean in British?

Meaning of beat up in English

damaged and in bad condition: He drove an old, beat-up station wagon.

Where does the term beat up come from?

1200, from notion of it striking against the breast. Meaning “to overcome in a contest” is from 1610s (hence the sense of “legally avoid, escape” in beat the charges, etc., attested from c. 1920 in underworld slang).

What is another word for beating up?

What is another word for beat up?

batter hit
attack do over
hammer knock around
pulveriseUK pulverizeUS
rough up thrash

Has been beaten up meaning?

Something that’s beaten-up is worn out or falling apart from overuse, like a beaten-up old car with a loud muffler and rusty paint.

Does beat mean tired?

Meaning/Usage: Very tired. Explanation: “Beat” can mean to lose. It can also mean to be hit over and over again. When someone loses or they are hit over and over again, they are either mentally tired or physically tired. This phrase is saying you are very tired for whatever reason.

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