Is parallel up and down or side to side?

Does parallel mean up and down or side to side?

Parallel lines are two or more lines that are the same distance apart, never merging and never diverging. The English word “parallel” is a gift to geometricians, because it has two parallel lines in it, in the form of the two side-by-side ls.

Is parallel straight up and down?

A vertical line is one the goes straight up and down. The horizontal line is a straight line that goes from left to right. Parallel lines are lines which are always the same distance apart and never meet.

Which lines or segments are parallel?

Lines on a plane that never meet. They are always the same distance apart. Here the red and blue line segments are parallel.

What is 2 pairs of parallel sides?

Quadrilateral Summary

Name Definition Example
Parallelogram 2 pairs of parallel sides Created with Raphaël
Trapezoid Exactly 1 pair of parallel sides Created with Raphaël
Rectangle 4 right angles Created with Raphaël
Rhombus 4 equal sides Created with Raphaël

Which way goes horizontal?

A horizontal line is one which runs left-to-right across the page. In geometry, a horizontal line is one which runs from left to right across the page. It comes from the word ‘horizon’, in the sense that horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon. Its cousin is the vertical line which runs up and down the page.

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Is parallel and horizontal the same?

is that parallel is equally distant from one another at all points while horizontal is perpendicular to the vertical; parallel to the plane of the horizon; level, flat.

Are parallel lines horizontal or vertical?

Two lines are parallel if they have the same slope, or if they are vertical. If two parallel lines form a system, there are no solutions to the system. If lines intersect, the lines cross in one point. The angles at which the two lines intersect can vary.