Is rigid body transformation moves object without deformation?

Is a rigid body transformation that moves objects without deformation 1 point rotation scaling translation all of the mentioned?

Explanation: Translation a rigid body transformation that moves objects without deformation.

What is a rigid body transformation?

The rigid transformations include rotations, translations, reflections, or their combination. … Any object will keep the same shape and size after a proper rigid transformation. All rigid transformations are examples of affine transformations.

Which is not a rigid body transformation?

Non-rigid transformations change the size or shape of objects. Resizing (stretching horizontally, vertically, or both ways) is a non-rigid transformation.

In which of the following transformation methods is the shape of the object not deformed?

Explanation: The Shape of the object does not get deformed in any of the transformation techniques: translation, rotation or scaling.

What happens if the values of scaling factors sx and sy less than 1?

20) What happens if the values of scaling factors sx and sy less than 1 (i.e., sx<1 and sy<1)? Explanation: If scaling factors are less than one, the size of the object will be reduced.

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What are the basic geometric transformations?

Geometric transformations are needed to give an entity the needed position, orientation, or shape starting from existing position, orientation, or shape. The basic transformations are scaling, rotation, translation, and shear.

What is rigid body transformation with example?

Rigid body – Preserves distance and angles. Examples: translation and rotation.

Which transformation is a rigid transformation def?

Rigid Transformations – A transformation that does not alter the size or shape of a figure; rotations, reflections, translations are all rigid transformations.

Which transformations are non rigid transformations?

Translation and Reflection transformations are nonrigid transformations.