Question: Is clean up a phrasal verb?

What is the meaning of phrasal verb clean up?

phrasal verb. clean up. ​(informal) to win or make a lot of money.

Is clean up an idiom?

To obtain a lot of earnings, winnings, or desired goods (most often money) from a particular venture or action. I’m buying you dinner because I really cleaned up at the poker game last night! If our little invention gets mass-produced, we’ll clean up!

How do you write clean up?

How to Use “Cleanup” The noun “cleanup” (one word), sometimes written as “clean-up,” refers to an event during which some type of cleaning takes place. For example, a “cleanup” can refer to the tidying up of a person, place, or thing, or it can mean an exceptional financial success or a robbery and its proceeds.

How do you say clean up?

clean up; tidy up; clear out; tidy out; empty; clean out; clear; finish; redevelop; restore; reorganize; reorganise; muck out; tidy; straighten; straighten out; neaten; square away.

What’s another word for clean up?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for clean up, like: tidy-up, tidy, cleanup, clean, straighten, straighten out, neaten, square-away, shutdown, and defragmentation.

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What does clean up mean in slang?

Slang To make a large amount of money, often in a short period of time: Investors cleaned up when the company struck oil.

Is there a hyphen in clean up?

Cleanup (one word) is a noun or an adjective. … Clean up (two words) is a verb. Also to wit: You’ll need a broom, dust pan, and mop to clean up the kitchen floor. And let’s just dump clean-up (with a hyphen) into the trash bin right now.

Is cleanup a verb or noun?

When to Use Cleanup

Cleanup can be a noun or an adjective. As a noun, cleanup refers to a job involving making something tidy.

Is clean up or clean up?

“Cleanup” is usually a noun: “the cleanup of the toxic waste site will cost billions of dollars.” “Clean” is a verb in the phrase “clean up”: “You can go to the mall after you clean up your room.”

How do you use clean up in a sentence?

We need a mayor who is tough enough to clean up this town.

  1. Drastic measures are needed to clean up the profession.
  2. Could you please clean up the living room?
  3. Help me clean up the house.
  4. The project’s aim is to clean up polluted land.
  5. Clean up your room.
  6. The party needs to clean up its somewhat tarnished image.