Question: What does the word freshen up mean?

How do you use freshen up?

to wash and make yourself look clean and neat I’ll just go and freshen up before supper.

What does freshen up your drink mean?

To add to or strengthen (a drink). verb. To make fresh, or vigorous, clean, etc.

What does the term freshen mean?

1 : to grow or become fresh: such as. a of wind : to increase in strength. b : to become fresh in appearance or vitality —usually used with up freshen up with a shower.

Is freshening up a word?

1. To become fresh, as in vigor or appearance: freshened up after the day’s work.

Did U freshen up meaning?

: to wash oneself in order to feel clean and fresh I feel like I need to freshen up after my long trip.

What does it mean for the wind to freshen?

freshen verb (AIR)

If a wind freshens, it becomes stronger and cooler: The wind is expected to freshen as it moves in from the east.

What does it mean when a cow has freshened?

Cows freshen after a calf’s birth. Freshening occurs when milk production begins. She’s then a “wet” cow, as opposed to “dry,” non-milk-producing animal. Although nature intends the milk for the newborn calf, that’s not the typical human use.

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What does it mean when a goat freshens?

FRESHEN: When a does gives birth (kid) and starts to produce milk.

What part of speech is freshen?

FRESHEN (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.