Quick Answer: What does it mean to be coming up?

What does I am coming up mean?

1. 1. The words “coming up” are a commonly used set phrase, if not quite an idiom. In the sense used in the question, they mostly indicate that someone is coming to a higher floor, particularly to an apartment from street level. Buzz the door open because I’m coming up.

What does it mean for someone to come up?

phrasal verb. If someone comes up or comes up to you, they approach you until they are standing close to you.

What does coming mean in slang?

noun (slang) Ejaculate; semen. verb (slang) To orgasm.

How is everything coming up meaning?

said to mean that someone is having a lot of success and everything is going well for them. For Rachel Ashwell, everything’s coming up roses both in her home and her working life. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

What does it mean im coming?

I’m coming!: I’m arriving! I will be there!

What does I’m coming for you mean?

it means that they are going to come get you. As in, they’re going to pick you up and take you somewhere. See a translation.

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What does it mean to come up to?

1 : to move near to (someone or something) : to approach (someone or something) He came up to me and introduced himself. 2 : to be as good as (something) The movie didn’t come up to our expectations.

How do you use come up?

to be mentioned or discussed The subject came up in conversation. The question is bound to come up at the meeting. (of an event or a time) to be going to happen very soon Her birthday is coming up soon. to be dealt with by a court Her divorce case comes up next month.

What is a synonym for coming up?

“The much-anticipated exposition will be coming up in the next few days.”

What is another word for coming up?

next following
ensuing imminent
succeeding upcoming
impending looming
nearing oncoming

What is the meaning coming right up?

—used by someone (such as a waiter) to say that something will be served or delivered very quickly “I’d like a turkey sandwich and a glass of lemonade, please.” ” Coming right up!”

What does coming up soon mean?

coming up means like you know when it’s happening while coming soon means you don’t know when it’s happening.

Is coming up roses meaning?

informal. : turning out to be good Now that he finally has a job, everything’s coming up roses for him.