Quick Answer: Where does the phrase muster up come from?

What is the meaning of the phrase muster up?

Definitions of muster up. verb. gather or bring together. synonyms: come up, muster, rally, summon. type of: collect, garner, gather, pull together.

Why do they call it muster?

The term muster means the process or event of accounting for members in a military unit. This practice of inspections led to the coining of the English idiom pass muster, meaning being sufficient. When a unit is created, it is “mustered in” and when it is disbanded, it is “mustered out”.

Is muster up a phrase?

To summon, gather, or cobble something together. Said especially of intangible qualities, such as courage, determination, etc. Eventually I mustered up the courage to go over and ask him for his phone number.

What’s another word for muster up?

What is another word for muster up?

find muster
evoke invoke
rouse collect
raise call up
summon up

What does irretrievable mean in English?

: not retrievable : impossible to regain or recover.

What’s a metaphor for muster?

Answer: They pushed the car with all the strength they could muster. They pushed the car with all the strength they could muster.

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What occupation is a Musterer?

1 : one that musters. 2 Australia : a ranch hand who rounds up livestock.

Where did the phrase can’t cut the mustard come from?

WHEN MUSTARD was one of the main crops in East Anglia, it was cut by hand with scythes, in the same way as corn. The crop could grow up to six feet high and this was very arduous work, requiring extremely sharp tools. When blunt they “would not cut the mustard”.

What does mustard mean in British slang?

The word mustard is used in several English idiomatic expressions and is also used as a (mainly British) slang term with several different meanings. For example, mustard can mean money. … One of the idiomatic expressions is keen as mustard, which means very enthusiastic.

What does it mean to pass mustard?

“To pass mustard” means that someone would like to add some extra flavor to their meal and perhaps you’re being asked to send it their way.

Can you muster the courage?

Muster the courage to delve within, seeking answers to dilemmas you regarded as unchanging. … After hearing from the newspaper that the incident had been filmed, he said that he would muster the courage to contact police.