Quick Answer: Which of the following is not a basic element of a transformer?

Which of a following is not a basic element of a transformer?

(d) mutual flux.

What are the elements of a transformer?

There are three basic parts of a transformer:

  • an iron core which serves as a magnetic conductor,
  • a primary winding or coil of wire and.
  • a secondary winding or coil of wire.

What is a basic transformer made from?

A basic transformer is made from two coils of wire; a primary coil from the ac input and a secondary coil leading to the ac output. The coils are not electrically connected. Instead, they are wound around an iron core.

Which of the following is NOT feature of an ideal transformer?

An ideal transformer has infinite primary and secondary inductances. Explanation: The primary and secondary windings have zero resistance. It means that there is no ohmic power loss and no resistive voltage drop in the ideal transformer.

What is a transformer core?

The transformer core provides a magnetic path to channel flux. This is important to reduce the no-load losses of the transformer. … The core is a source of heat in the transformer and as a core increases in size, cooling ducts within the core may become necessary.

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