Quick Answer: Why do transformers connected in parallel have the same voltage ratio?

Why should transformers connected in parallel have the same voltage ratio?

Explanation: The transformers must have the same voltage-ratio to avoid no-load circulating current when transformers are in parallel on both primary and secondary sides. Since the leakage impedance is low, even a small voltage difference can give rise to considerable no-load circulating current and extra I2R loss.

What is the voltage regulation of a transformer?

The voltage regulation of the transformer is the percentage change in the output voltage from no-load to full-load. And since power factor is a determining factor in the secondary voltage, power factor influences voltage regulation. This means the voltage regulation of a transformer is a dynamic, load-dependent number.

What is the main advantage of connecting two transformers in parallel?

The advantages of parallel operation of transformers are:Increased reliability and maximized electrical power system availability. This is because it is not necessary to disconnect the whole system if fault occurs with one of the transformers.

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