Should you gear up mortar?

How long does it take to gear up the mortar?

[MISC] The geared up mortar takes 14 days to make.

What do you need to gear up mortar?

The Master Builder can gear up a Mortar in your Home Village that is level 8 or higher(which requires Town Hall level 10) to make it fire in bursts similar to the Multi Mortar. To do so, the Multi Mortar needs to be level 8 or higher in the Builder Base, which requires Builder Hall 8.

Should I gear up in COC?

A general recommendation I have for geared up Cannons and Archer Towers is have the ones that are closer to the edge of your base in the geared up mode. Defenses closer to the edge of your base already cover less, so your “defensive range” will be hurt less from it.

What happens when you gear up a mortar?

The geared-up Mortar fires bursts of three shots, albeit with reduced damage, and it directly shoots without hesitating at first like regular Mortars. Your Multi Mortar needs to be level 8, which is at Builder Hall 8, or higher in order to gear up your Mortar.

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How much damage can a mortar do?

At level 1, the Mortar does 20 damage per shot (= 4 damage/sec) with a 1.5 tile splash radius.

Are double cannons worth it COC?

Double Cannons are very powerful defenses against ground tanks such as the Boxer Giant or the Battle Machine. A few volleys can do significant damage to them.

Is it good to gear up Archer Tower?

It is typically a good idea to upgrade Archer Towers before you upgrade Cannons. … It is typically wise to put an Archer Tower near a Cannon or Mortar due to the fact that neither of these two defenses can target air units.

How do I get Otto Hut?

In order to obtain O.T.T.O Hut level 2 you must gear up all three types of buildings (Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar) in your Home Village. For level 3 you need to upgrade Cannon Carts to level 18. For level 4 you need to upgrade the Mega Tesla to level 9.

How do you gear up cannons in clash of clans?

Starting from level 7, which requires Town Hall 6, the Master Builder can gear up a Cannon to make it resemble a Double Cannon, if he is available. This also requires at least one Double Cannon in the Builder Base to be level 4 or higher, which requires Builder Hall 4.

What is the max level mortar for th7?