What according to the poet involved in the process of growing up?


How does the poet describe the process of growing up in the poem childhood?

Ans: According to the poem, the process of growing up involves attaining maturity and becoming a rational and logical thinker. When the poet became an adult, he was able to see the hypocrisy in other people. He could distinguish in the behaviour of double-standard preach and talk of love.

What does child experience in the process of growing up?

While growing up, the child realises that many things around him are not what they seem to be. He realises that heaven and hell are not real places and do not exist as they cannot be found on a map.

What according to the poem is involved in the process of growing up by Brainly?

According to the poem,childhood, adulthood and love are involved in the process of growing.

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What according to the poem is involved in the process of growing up is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem?

Answer: The father’s helplessness is brought about by the existing circumstances. Usually a father is the best friend and advisor of the son. However, there is no bond of affinity or relationship between the two.

What according to the poem Markus Natten is involved in the process of growing up?

Answer: According to the poem, the process of growing up has to pass through different stages. The first stage is when one starts differentiating between reality and imaginative realms. The second stage is the realization of hypocratic behaviour of the adults.

What is the poet first shocking observation about the grown up?

The observes that the adults action differ from their words. They speak about love but they don’t act lovingly. The poet questions if that was when he lost his childhood. It is significant in the sense that observing the adults’ hypocrisy he had lost his childhood naivety.

What are the three characteristic traits mentioned by the poet in the process of growing up?

According to the poet, childhood symbolises innocence, purity, softness and love. As a child grows up, these qualities start receding. Man adheres to lying, shrewdness, cunningness and hypocrisy. Adults preach about truth and honesty but themselves practise hatred and lying.

What is the poet trying to discover in the poem childhood?

Answer: In the poem ‘Childhood’, the poet is trying to realise the age when he lost his childhood, when he became mature enough to understand the worldly things. So he keeps saying, “When did my childhood go?” He finally realises that his childhood is gone to “some forgotten place”, “that is hidden in an infant’s face.

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What does the poet say about the hypocrisy of the grown ups?

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In the poem Childhood by Markus Natten, the poet feels hypocrisy of the grown-ups could be one reason behind the loss of his childhood. As he grew up he realized the adults, more often than not never did what they said. They talked of love and preached love, but never ever acted lovingly.

What understanding did the poet get here?

The poet pondered the existential questions of life profoundly and gradually understood that his childhood days had finally gone down for good into the depths of eternity and would never return. Childhood will now remain only in his memories.