What are the advantages of OC and SC test on a transformer?

What are the advantages of OC and SC test?

These tests are very convenient as they provide the required information without actually loading the transformer. Further, the power required to carry out these tests is very small as compared with the full-load output of the transformer.

Why does SC test require reduced voltage?

The rated current should flow in the winding if the lower value of voltage is applied during the test. It is convenient to conduct the test on the HV side because the meters used for the test are less range.

What are the advantages of transformer tests?

A power transformer maintenance and testing program includes the following benefits: Increased safety, problems are detected before they are a hazard. Increased equipment efficiency, conditions related to transformer losses can be corrected. Reduced expenses, repair work can be properly scheduled.

Why SC test is performed on HV side?

The SC test is conducted on HV side due to the two main reasons. … Therefore, the rated current is easily achieved at HV side (due to the low current value) as compared to the LV side. On the other hand, if we short the HV terminals by connecting measuring instrument on LV side, voltage in the secondary is zero.

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Why is OC test performed on LV side and SC test on the HV side of a transformer?

Short circuit test in the transformer is conducted on the high voltage side and low voltage side is short-circuited. … In HV winding, the rated current is less than LV winding. As rated current is less on HV side, it is convenient to conduct this test on HV side by short-circuiting the LV terminals.

Why is this method more accurate than OC & SC method?

Sumpner’s test or back to back test on transformer is another method for determining transformer efficiency, voltage regulation and heating under loaded conditions. … Thus the Sumpner’s test give more accurate results of regulation and efficiency than O.C. and S.C. tests.

What is the disadvantage of testing a transformer using load test?

Disadvantages of Load Testing

Load test script creation requires scripting knowledge of the language supported by the tool. Incorrectly configured or scripted load test plan/script can lead to false performance issues which take a considerable amount of time and resources.

How Sumpner test is different from OC and SC test?

In O.C. test, there is no load on the transformer while in S.C. circuit test only fractional load gets applied. … Sumpner’s test or back to back test requires two transformers. Both transformers are connected to supply in such a way that one transformer is loaded on another.