What are the limitations of the joiner transformation?

Why we Cannot use update strategy before Joiner?

1 Answer. It’s because joiner may render useless the logic achieved until those two transformation. Joiner after sequence generator – Purpose of a sequence generator is to generate a new or missing key value. Depending on the join type, you may drop this key value.

What does Joiner transformation do in Informatica?

The Joiner transformation joins data based on the join conditions and the join type. A join condition matches fields between the two sources. You can create multiple join conditions. A join type defines the set of data that is included in the results.

How can joiner transformation improve performance?

Use the following tips to improve session performance with the Joiner transformation:

  1. Designate the master source as the source with fewer duplicate key values. …
  2. Designate the master source as the source with fewer rows. …
  3. Perform joins in a database when possible. …
  4. Join sorted data when possible.

Why Joiner transformation is active?

The Joiner transformation is an Active and Connected Informatica transformation used to join two heterogeneous sources. The joiner transformation joins sources based on a specified condition that matches one or more pairs of columns between the two sources.

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Why we Cannot use a sequence generator or update strategy transformation upstream from a union transformation?

The precision, data type, and scale must be identical across all groups. We can create multiple input groups, but only one default output group. The Union transformation does not remove duplicate rows. We cannot use a Sequence Generator or Update Strategy transformation upstream from a Union transformation.

Can we use sequence generator before Joiner?

before Joiner? 1) We cannot use a Joiner transformation when either input pipeline contains an Update Strategy transformation. 2) We cannot use a Joiner transformation if we connect a Sequence Generator transformation directly before the Joiner transformation.

What are the settings that you have to configure in Joiner transformation?

The following settings are used to configure the joiner transformation.

  • Master and detail source.
  • Type of join.
  • Condition of the join.

How can we improve the performance of lookup transformation in Informatica?

To improve performance, create a filter condition to reduce the number of lookup rows retrieved from the source when the lookup cache is built. Index the lookup table. The Data Integration Service needs to query, sort, and compare values in the lookup condition columns.

How can we improve the performance of filter transformation in Informatica?

Avoid complex expressions in filter conditions. Avoid using complex expressions in filter conditions. To optimize Filter transformations, use simple integer or true/false expressions in the filter condition. The Filter transformation filters data within a mapping.

How does Joiner cache work in Informatica?

The Integration Service uses cache memory to process Joiner transformations. When you run a session, the Integration Service reads rows from the master and detail sources concurrently and builds index and data caches based on the master rows.

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