What are the parameters considered in determining compensation in land acquisition?

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What factors are considered while determining compensation under the Land Acquisition Act?

a) market value on date of intention notification under Section 4; b) damage sustained by persons due to taking of standing crops or trees on land acquired; c) damage (if any) due to severing of acquired to be land from other lands; d) damage (if any) where acquisition injuriously affects his other property (movable or …

What are the matters to be considered while granting compensation?

23.Matters to be considered in determining compensation:-

sixthly, the damage (if any) bona fide resulting from diminution of the profits of the land between the time of the publication of the declaration under section 6 and the time of the Collector’s taking possession of the land.

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Which factors are to be considered while determining the market value of the acquired land by the court under Land Acquisition Act 1894?

The court said that the methods of valuation to be adopted to ascertain the market value of land on the date of the notification under Section 4(1) of the Land Acquisition Act, 193 are: (i) opinion of experts, (ii) the price paid within a reasonable time in bona fide transactions of purchase of the lands acquired or

How do you calculate compensation under Land Acquisition Act 2013?

The new Act stipulates that the minimum compensation is to be a multiple of the total of the ascertained market value, plus value of the assets attached to the property, plus a solatium equal to 100% of the market value of the property including value of assets.

What is compensation in land law?

In theory, compensation makes the injured person. whole; it aims at repaying for losses and should therefore be based on principles of equity and. equivalence. It is ordinarily payable not only for the land taken by the State but also for other. losses occasioned by the act and process of public acquisition of land.

What is Section 6 of Land Acquisition Act?

Whenever any land shall have been so declared to be needed for a public purpose, or for a Company, the appropriate Government, or some officer authorised by the appropriate Government in this behalf, shall direct the Collector to take order for the acquisition of the land.

Which of the following matters are to be neglected by the court in determining compensation?

24.Matters to be neglected in determining compensation:-

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seventhly, any outlay or improvements on, or disposal of, the land acquired, commenced, made or affected without the sanction of the Collector after the date of the publication of the {Subs, by Act 38 of 1923, s. 8, for “declaration under s.

What are the conditions for acquiring property by the government?

Land can be acquired either by the state or the central government for the purposes listed under state and central list respectively unless the central government delegates the task to the state government under article 258(1) of the Constitution.

What is Section 23 of Land Acquisition Act?

—The Government may, on the request of the land-owner, agree to give in exchange any Government land the cost of which is, in their opinion, equal to the amount payable for the land acquired, or agree to pay an amount for a portion of the land acquired and for the remaining portion give Government land the cost of …

How is land acquisition compensation calculated in India?

The land acquisition law specifies that in addition to the market value of the land, the collector (land acquiring authority) shall award an amount calculated at the rate of 12% per annum on such market value for the period commencing from the date of notification of social impact assessment study.

What is Section 4 in land acquisition?

(iv) no person “entitled to act” shall be competent to receive the compensation-money payable to the person for whom he is entitled to act unless he would have been competent to alienate the land and receive and give a good discharge for the purchase-money on a voluntary sale.

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How the market value of land is determined by the collector?

– The average sale price referred to in clause (b) shall be determined taking into account the sale deeds or the agreements to sell registered for similar type of area in the near village or near vicinity area during immediately preceding three years of the year in which such acquisition of land is proposed to be made.