What do you call someone who is stuck up?

What is another word for being stuck-up?

Find another word for stuck-up. In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stuck-up, like: arrogant, conceited, condescending, disdainful, uppity, snobbish, egoistical, egotistical, attitude, hoity-toity and too big for one’s breeches.

What is another word for snobby?

Synonyms & Antonyms of snobby

  • aristocratic,
  • elitist,
  • high-hat,
  • persnickety,
  • potty,
  • ritzy,
  • snobbish,
  • snooty,

How do you describe a stuck-up person?

If you talk about nothing but the awards you’ve won, and your friends might think you’re stuck-up. You can also describe a stuck-up person as arrogant, snobby, or conceited. The adjective stuck-up is informal, but it’s a great way to talk about someone who brags about himself and looks down on just about everyone else.

Is calling someone stuck-up bad?

If you say that someone is stuck-up, you mean that they are very proud and unfriendly because they think they are very important.

What’s another word for Bougie?

What is another word for bougie?

bourgie chichi
grandiose swank
showy splashy
contrived pompous
pretentious frilly

What elitism means?

1 : leadership or rule by an elite. 2 : the selectivity of the elite especially : snobbery elitism in choosing new members. 3 : consciousness of being or belonging to an elite.

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What is a pretentious person called?

grandiose, highfalutin. (also hifalutin), high-minded, la-di-da.

What does it mean when a girl is stuck up?

The definition of stuck up is someone who is snobbish and thinks and acts like he is better or superior to everyone else. An example of stuck up is a girl who always wears fancy clothes and who looks down on people who wear plain clothes. adjective.

What is stock up?

: to get a large quantity of something for later use —often + on We made sure to stock up on food before the storm hit.

What’s the DEF of stuck up?

: conceited, snobbish.