What does it mean when you say hit me up?

What to say to hit me up?

Ans. Yes, there is another way to say “hit me up”. These are some hit me up synonyms, you can use such as asking me, let me know, meet me, call me, give me a call, and many more.

When did people say hit me up?

The phrase “hit me up” is inseparable from ’90s hip-hop culture. During that decade, many people (not just drug dealers) used one-way pagers to communicate with one another.

What does HMU mean in dating?

HMU is a quick way of saying “hit me up.” It’s internet shorthand for telling someone to call you later or to check-in at a later date. “Hit me up” is, quite simply, a way of asking for something, or a way of requesting someone or several people to get in touch. @AmazingPhil/Twitter.

What is the meaning of hit me?

verb, vulgar slang To have sex with (someone).

What does HRUU mean in text?

High-Rate Underage Users Workgroup (HRUU)

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