What does it mean when you soup up a car?

What does it mean to soop up a car?

When you hear of a car that has been tuned or modified to produce additional horsepower, you’ll often hear it referred to as “souped up.” This term goes hand-in-hand with hot rodding, so surely its origins must have to do with the early car-modding scene — right?

How do you soup up a car?

How to Soup Up Your Car

  1. Install a new air filter in your car. …
  2. Put a new exhaust system on your car. …
  3. Install performance cylinder heads. …
  4. Install a chip in your car that will fine tune the electrical systems to maximize power. …
  5. Make cosmetic and physical changes to your car.

What’s a souped up engine?

(ˌsuːptˈʌp) adjective. (of a vehicle or vehicle engine) modified so as to be more powerful. Jack’s got a souped-up Fiesta with lots of lights mounted on the front bumper.

Is it suped up or souped up?

Soup up is the phrasal verb meaning to modify something to increase its power, efficiency, or impressiveness. Soop up is a common misspelling, and supe up is a less common one (both soop and supe have rare senses that have nothing to do with increasing power or efficiency).

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What’s up etymology?

What’s up can be traced back to the early 19th century, appearing in English works of fiction as a question or a greeting. It often referred to an event or problem that was “up.” Later iterations, including wassup, whassup, whaddup, and wazzup evolved from slurring the consonants of the original phrase.

What is a cooler slang?

: a prison or jail They threw him in the cooler.

What does souped mean in slang?

Adjective. souped (comparative more souped, superlative most souped) (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, slang) Excited. In trouble or in difficulty. ( Compare in the soup.)

What does souped up come from?

Soup’s up! Souped-up must at root derive from super, as in supercharger. This term for a device to increase the pressure of the fuel-air mixture in an engine to improve its performance is known from 1919.

What’s another word for souped up?

What is another word for souped up?

enhanced upgraded
tweaked beefed up
tuned up lift
improved refined
augmented ameliorated

What is a supe?

(dated, slang, theater) A extra or walk-on. noun. 1.

What does it mean when you get slugged?

slugged. DEFINITIONS1. to hit someone or something very hard with your fist. Synonyms and related words. To hit a person.

What is the meaning of soop?

Not very cool; a bit plain. You are so soop!

What is the meaning of tagalong?

(Entry 1 of 2) : one that persistently and often annoyingly follows the lead of another.