What does straight up facts mean?

What does straight up mean in slang?

slang. used to show that you are telling the truth: You’re a really attractive woman, straight up!

What is another way to say straight up?

What is another word for straight up?

upright vertical
sheer steep
straight-up upended
upward bolt upright
standing up end on

What does it mean when a girl is straight up?

slang. used to show that you are telling the truth: You‘re a really attractive woman, straight up!

What does straight up mean alcohol?

Asking for a drink served “up” or “straight up” simply means that you want the drink shaken or stirred over ice, and then strained and served sans ice in a cocktail glass. Classic cocktails that are almost always served up include the Martini and the Daiquiri.

What do you call a person that is straight up?

Erect or standing, or rising, up. upright. vertical. erect. perpendicular.

What is the meaning of right up?

—used by someone (such as a waiter) to say that something will be served or delivered very quickly.

What is straight up and down called?

vertical Add to list Share. Vertical describes something that rises straight up from a horizontal line or plane. … The terms vertical and horizontal often describe directions: a vertical line goes up and down, and a horizontal line goes across.

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What does straighten up mean?

1 : to make (something) organized or tidy : to put (something) in order They straightened up the house after the party. 2 : to move the body to an upright position Straighten up. There’s no excuse for slouching. 3 US : to improve in behavior You need to straighten up, young man.

What does the word Freakiest mean?

1. slang. strange; unconventional; bizarre. 2. another word for freakish.