What does the poet want to wake up?

What is the poem wake up about?

This poem “wake up” wants to attract us towards the beauty of nature in every creature. It shows that we should wake up and see the rising Sun, flying birds, smiling and blooming every leaf and flower. The main and the prominent thing is to wake up early.

What does the poet wake up during the night?

Answer: In line 2, the poet makes it clear how deep this worry in his mind is, since he will wake up at night if there is even the slightest of sounds and the worry will start again. … He has a solution, not for the world’s problems, but for his own peace of mind.

What does the poet want to sleep?

In this poem, poet tells us about the importance of sleep in our lives. … The post describes the beauty of several things around us but he feels that sleep is mother of fresh thought and joyful health. So, poet requests sleep to come to him so that he feels refreshed and enjoy the beauty of things around him.

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Why does the poet want us to hurry up?

Answer: The poet wants us to hurry up because they want to wake up us from early morning

Why does the poet wants the little child to wake up?

The poem Wake up is basically about the beauty of the nature that attracts us to start a new day. The poet of the poem has described why we should wake up early in the morning. He says, we should see how the sun rises and birds fly.

Who is poet of wake up poem?

Ans: “Wake Up” by C. Fletcher beautifully describes the morning scene for the readers. Students can thoroughly enjoy the poem due to the eloquent use of imagery by the poet.

What does the poet want us to do?

Answer: The poet wants us to keep quiet and still and not move our arms and legs too much in the poem, Keeping Quiet. This will give us the time to introspect over our actions and also help to create a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings.

What are the birds doing in the poem wake up?

Answer: They are waking us up. To celebrate the pleasant morning.

Why is the poet Sleepless in the poem to sleep?

The poet is sleepless because he is been influenced by INSOMNIA.

What does the poet want us to do at night?

What does the poet want us to do at night? Ans. The poet wants us to be friendly with night and think about our friends and relatives.

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What does the poet want to do before sleeping in the poem?

The poet wants to say that life is like a journey and there are lots of attractions on our way. We should overcome all these temptations and continue peacefully towards our final destination – a long eternal sleep. … He wants to fulfill those duties and responsibilities before embracing a long sleep, which is death.

Why does the poet want to go to the sea?

Answer: The poet wishes to go to a lonely sea with the open sky above because he wanted to be close to the sea, watch sea creatures and feel the excitement of the sea voyage.