What does UPS WorldShip mean?

Do I need UPS WorldShip?

There is no requirement to stop using WorldShip on your desktop or workstation, even if you start using ups.com shipping. Be aware that when working in both systems, information you save in one will not automatically transfer to the other outside of the migration-tool process.

Does UPS WorldShip cost money?

UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, and USPS Click and Ship are 3 examples of this software, generously provided by their respective carriers. They are extremely popular and widely used among e-commerce companies. The big draw to these programs is that they are free and relatively easy to learn.

How do I create a UPS WorldShip account?

On the Tools tab, select the Create/Edit Profile button. The Profile Editor window replaces the Shipping window. Note, the Profile Editor window is identical to the Shipping window.

What are the different types of UPS shipping?

U.S. Shipping Services

Service Name Delivery Commitment Delivery Time (estimated)
UPS 2nd Day Air 2 Business Days Typically by end of day
UPS 3 Day Select 3 Business Days By end of day
UPS Ground 1-5 Business Days Based on distance to destination
UPS Ground with Freight Pricing 1-5 Business Days Based on distance to destination
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How do you use WorldShip UPS?

To process a shipment: Select a Shipper and a Profile. Enter the Ship To address information. Enter the Ship From address information.

Specify the shipment-level details, such as:

  1. A UPS service, package type, and billing option.
  2. Shipment-level options.
  3. Shipment reference numbers.
  4. Special instructions for the shipment.

What is the latest version of UPS WorldShip?

Select the Support tab, then select the WorldShip® icon, and then choose About UPS WorldShip. The software version should be 24.0.

How do I download WorldShip?

How do I download WorldShip? You can obtain the newest version of WorldShip® immediately by selecting Download WorldShip below. This version of WorldShip supports Microsoft® Windows® 10 operating systems. Note: To use WorldShip software, you must have a UPS account number.

Can you negotiate rates with UPS?

Negotiated Rates will be available within each system within 24-48 hours (or sooner) once you have authenticated the UPS account. In WorldShip you can request to view Negotiated Rates by selecting the Request Rates button in the Shipper Editor.

How do I add packages to UPS WorldShip?

Select the Options tab in the Shipping window to determine the availability of shipment-level and package-level options. A shipment-level option applies to all packages in a shipment. A package-level option applies only to a single package in a shipment.

How do I add a printer to UPS WorldShip?

On the Tools tab, select the System Preferences down arrow, then select Printing Setup. This will take you to the Printing Setup tab in the System Preferences Editor. Select the label printer from the Printer Grid. Select the Printer Setup button.

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How do I change my ups WorldShip?

On the Tools tab, select the Shipper Editor button. The Shipper Editor window will appear. To modify a shipper, select the shipper under Existing Shipper Numbers and select the Modify button.