What is description of transform boundary?

Which is the best description of transform fault boundary?

A transform fault or transform boundary, sometimes called a strike-slip boundary, is a fault along a plate boundary where the motion is predominantly horizontal. It ends abruptly where it connects to another plate boundary, either another transform, a spreading ridge, or a subduction zone.

What is the example of transform?

Transform is defined as to change something into something else. An example of to transform is painting a room to change the feel of it. An example of to transform is a new hair cut changing a person’s appearance.

What causes transform plate boundary explain?

A transform plate boundary occurs when two plates slide past each other, horizontally. A well-known transform plate boundary is the San Andreas Fault, which is responsible for many of California’s earthquakes. … The movement of Earth’s tectonic plates shape the planet’s surface.

Which statement about transform faults is not correct?

The statement that is not correct is that new oceanic crust is formed at transform plate boundaries. At transform plate boundaries, the lithospheric plates that form it, slide past each other along the horizontal plane. Resulting in crushed rock or broken transform margins, but no new crust is formed or destroyed.

What is a transform boundary give an example quizlet?

Transform Boundary. A boundary where the two plates slide against each other in a sideways motion. As two plates slide past one another, neither plate is added to at the boundary, or destroyed.

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What is Brainly transform boundary?

Transform Plate Boundaries are locations where two plates slide past one another. … Most transform faults are found in the ocean basin and connect offsets in the mid-ocean ridges.

What transform means?

Verb. transform, metamorphose, transmute, convert, transmogrify, transfigure mean to change a thing into a different thing. transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function.

What is the definition of transform in science?

Physics. to change into another form of energy. SEE MORE. to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; become transformed. noun.