What is the antonym of shoot up?

What is the antonym for shoot?

What is the opposite of shoot?

backfire bear
conceal create
fail hold
keep walk
withhold give

What is the meaning of shot up?

1. To grow, rise, or increase very quickly or dramatically. Wow, you kids have really shot up since you were here last summer!

What is the synonym of shoot?


3, 5 project, impel, hurl, cast, throw. 17a roll. 30 spring, start, dash, bolt, rush, fly.

What does shoot mean slang?

(slang) To ejaculate.

What does spike up mean?

(intransitive) to increase sharply. Prices are bound to spike up during high season.

What’s a word for stuck up?

Synonyms & Antonyms of stuck-up

  • assured,
  • biggety.
  • (or biggity)
  • [Southern & Midland],
  • bigheaded,
  • complacent,
  • conceited,
  • consequential,

What is the opposite of letting go?

What is the opposite of letting go?

capture arrest
taking acquirement
acquisition appropriating
appropriation confiscation
nab snatching

What’s another word for stick up?

What is another word for stick up for?

defend side with
back uphold
endorse back up
ally oneself with advocate
encourage favorUS

What is the opposite of sooth?

Opposite of to relieve the distress or suffering of. torment. torture. distress. worry.

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Is Traumatic opposite of soothing?

Answer: traumatic is the opposite of soothing .

What kind of words is gun?

As detailed above, ‘gun’ can be a verb, an adjective or a noun. Verb usage: He gunned down the hitmen.