What is the meaning of hung up on someone?

What does IM hung up on you mean?

If you’re “hung up on” a person, it means that you are really interested in them or you have (romantic) feelings for them, but they don’t feel the same about you Example: Although they broke up, she’s still hung up on him.

What does it mean to Hung someone?

Hung is the past tense of to hang when it means “to suspend or be suspended.” Hanged is the past tense of to hang when it means “to kill someone by tying a rope attached from above and removing the support from beneath.”

What is get hung up about?

When someone gets “hung up” on something or someone, it means they are obsessed or too focused on that one thing/person.

What does hung up on an ex mean?

You’re focusing too much on ‘closure‘.

“There isn’t always someone at fault or a logical reason. Constantly asking your ex to explain what went wrong will just lead to frustration and hurt.”

Is hanging up on someone rude?

It is rude and hurtful and final. What these three have in common is that they all display that the person hanging up on you does not respect you. And the closer you are to the caller, the more hurtful that message of disrespect is.

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How do you use hung up?

Hung-up sentence example

  1. Apparently he hung up . …
  2. With that, she hung up . …
  3. After I hung up the phone, I plodded to the kitchen where I found a half bottle of Canadian Club. …
  4. Julie or Rita or Tamara hung up . …
  5. She hung up before I could protest. …
  6. I hung up before he could concoct some other scheme.

What’s another word for hung up?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hung-up, like: disturbed, over-reliant, psychotic, psychopathic, engrossed, preoccupied, obsessed, troubled, enthusiastic, rapt and thoughtful.

What does dont get hung up mean?

“To get hung up on” means to worry or think too much about something. So this phrase means to not worry or focus too much about money.

Is hung up a word?

adjective Slang. beset with psychological problems. worried; anxious; concerned.

What does the term hang ups mean?

The definition of a hang-up is a slang term for the source of a person’s emotional or personal problem. An example of a hang-up is a person thinking their partner is always cheating on them because they’ve been cheated on in the past.