What is transformative methodology?

What is transformative research methodology?

Transformative research involves ideas, discoveries, or tools that radically change our understanding of an important existing scientific or engineering concept or educational practice or leads to the creation of a new paradigm or field of science, engineering, or education.

What does a transformative approach means?

The transformative approach is particu- larly suitable for connecting management consulting and research because. this approach attempts to integrate action and reflection, personal and. organizational realities, and theory and practice.

What is a transformative research design?

Transformative research is a term that became increasingly common within the science policy community in the 2000s for research that shifts or breaks existing scientific paradigms. … The term has most been used by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), but it also shows up within other agencies.

What is a transformative framework?

The transformative paradigm provides a philosophical framework that focuses on ethics in terms of cultural responsiveness, recognizing those dimensions of diversity that are associated with power differences, building trusting relationships, and developing mixed methods that are conducive to social change.

What does it mean to be transformative?

: causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something a transformative experience And she’ll tell anyone who asks about her transformative weeks working for UNICEF in Congo and Cambodia.—

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What is transformative in qualitative research?

The transformative paradigm views knowledge as a social construction shaped by the knower’s individual experiences, personal characteristics, and community affiliations. … This paradigm aims to give voice to local knowledge held by a diverse array of participants.

What is a transformative worldview in research?

A transformative worldview holds that research inquiry needs to be intertwined with politics and a political change agenda to confront social oppression at whatever levels it occurs (Mertens, 2010).

Is transformative quantitative or qualitative?

A transformative mixed methods design framework is the use of a qualitative method to complement, explore or augment the quantitative method.

What is transformative theoretical framework?

The transformative framework is based on a relational view of the world: the view that people are autonomous beings who are at the same time fundamentally connected to one another, and who are constantly striving to balance their autonomy with relating to others.

What is concurrent transformative design?

Concurrent Transformative

Characterized by: The use of a theoretical perspective reflected in the purpose or research questions of the study to guide all methodological choices. Purpose: To evaluate a theoretical perspective at different levels of analysis.

What is transformative action?

Transformative Action is an alternative paradigm for social action that moves us beyond complaint, competition and “us versus them” thinking. … This action alone can transform both those who act and those who witness.

What is transformative action in education?

The program focuses on the study and practice of transformative leadership for social change through education. We purposefully recruit students from every educational sector (K12 education, higher education, private schools, charter schools, and non-profit educational organizations).

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