What transformation happens if a shape was flipped?

What is a flip in transformations?

Flip (reflection) — a transformation creating a mirror image of a figure on the opposite side of a line. A flip is also called a reflection. Turn (rotation) — the transformation that occurs when a figure is turned a certain angle and direction around a point. A turn is also called a rotation.

When an image is flipped this transformation is called?

A reflection is a transformation that turns a figure into its mirror image by flipping it over a line.

What is a flip shape?

A flip is a motion in geometry in which an object is turned over a straight line to form a mirror image. Every point of an object and the corresponding point on the image are equidistant from the flip line. A flip is also called a reflection.

How do you describe rotation transformation?

Rotation turns a shape around a fixed point called the centre of rotation. Rotation is an example of a transformation. A transformation is a way of changing the size or position of a shape.

How do you transform a shape?

There are different kinds of transformation.

  1. Rotation is when the shape is turned around a point.
  2. Reflection is when a shape is reflected in a mirror line.
  3. Translation is when a shape is moved a certain distance from its original position.
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When transforming shapes what is the name given to the shape you start with?

A transformation is a change in the position, size, or shape of a geometric figure. The given figure is called the preimage (original) and the resulting figure is called the new image.

When a shape is slide to make an image the transformation can also be called a?

[Figure 6]

Another name for a slide is a translation. The answer is that this transformation is a slide.

Does a reflection flip an object?

A reflection is colloquially known as a flip because it does the same thing a mirror does − flips an object over a line or point or plane into an image. … The same holds for sets of points such as lines and planes.

What’s the difference between flip and turn?

As nouns the difference between turn and flip

is that turn is a change of direction or orientation while flip is a maneuver which rotates an object end over end or flip can be a mixture of beer, spirit, etc, stirred and heated by a hot iron (a flip dog ).