Where did the expression fed up come from?

Where does the term fed up originate from?

The phrase comes from the idea of being overly full, or “satiated with food.” It became popular in the eighteenth century to describe lazy rich people as being fed up, or “fed up to the eyeballs.” The sense of having too much of something extends to today’s fed up.

What does the expression fed up mean?

: very tired of (something) : angry about (something that has continued for a long time) I’m fed up with all these delays.

What does the word fed up mean here?

: tired, sated, or disgusted beyond endurance.

Where did the expression and how come from?

Americans started using the phrase “how come” in the mid-1800s. It comes from older phrases such as “how comes it that…?” Although the word “how” has had a sense of “why” in its meaning for hundreds of years, “how come” is still considered to be more informal than “why.”

What is another word for fed up?

What is another word for fed-up?

dissatisfied discontented
disgruntled displeased
irritated annoyed
disappointed exasperated
irked unhappy

What does beating around the bush mean?

to avoid giving a definite answer or position. Please stop beating around the bush and tell me the full story.

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What does it mean to get jaded?

Full Definition of jaded

1 : fatigued by overwork : exhausted a jaded horse. 2 : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by having or seeing too much of something jaded network viewers jaded voters. Other Words from jaded Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About jaded.

Is fed up rude?

“Fed up” is not vulgar but it is very informal. Some more formal synonyms are “angry,” “upset,” “tired,” (tired in English can be used to express feelings of anger or impatience… “I am tired of your whining.”). In English, another informal synonym (also not vulgar) is “to be done.” with something.

What is opposite of fed up?

▲ (tired of) Opposite of bored or fed up with. engrossed. absorbed. engaged.

What’s a word for being tired of life?

Tired, exhausted, fatigued, wearied, weary suggest a condition in which a large part of one’s energy and vitality has been consumed.