Where does muck it up come from?

What is the origin of the word muck?

muck (n.) mid-13c., muk, “animal or human excrement; cow dung and vegetable matter spread as manure,” from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse myki, mykr “cow dung,” Danish møg; from Proto-Germanic *muk-, *meuk- “soft,” which is perhaps related to Old English meox “dung, filth” (see mash (n.)).

What does it mean to muck up something?

transitive verb. : to make a mess of : bungle, spoil.

Is muck up a slang?

noun Informal. a bungled or disordered situation; foul-up.

What does muck mean in slang?

Muck is dirt or some other unpleasant substance. [informal] This congealed muck was interfering with the filter and causing the flooding. Synonyms: dirt, mud, filth, crap [slang] More Synonyms of muck. More Synonyms of muck.

Is muck a British word?

Chiefly British Informal. something of no value; trash. (especially in mining) earth, rock, or other useless matter to be removed in order to get out the mineral or other substances sought.

What is muck dirt?

Muck soils are defined by the USDA NRCS as sapric organic soils that are saturated more than 30 cumulative days in normal years or are artificially drained. In other words, it is a soil made up primarily of humus from drained swampland.

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What is mean by mug up?

: to study intensively (as for an examination) transitive verb. : to work up by study.

What does loomed up mean?

phrasal verb. If something looms up, it comes into sight as a tall, unclear shape, often in a frightening way. The great house loomed up ahead of them. [

Is ineptly a word?

The adverb ineptly implies doing something not only badly, but in a clumsy or awkward way. The Latin root of ineptly and its adjective form, inept, is ineptus, “unsuitable, awkward, or absurd.” It comes from in, or “the opposite of” and aptus, “fit or suited.”

What does mucked mean in poker?

Poker. In poker, it most often refers to the discard pile into which players may throw their folded hands, and into which the dealer places burned cards. It also refers to when a player is folding his hand (face down) without saying anything.