You asked: Can you use an active transformation in a mapplet in Informatica?

Which transformation Cannot be used in mapplet?

Normalizer, Cobol sources, XML sources, XML Source Qualifier transformations, Target definitions, Pre- and Post- session Stored Procedures, Other Mapplets are not supported by Mapplets.

Can Transformation be created in mapplet designer?

The mapplet can contain Input transformations and source definitions with at least one port connected to a transformation in the mapplet.

Can we connect active and passive transformation in Informatica?

A transformation can be active or passive. An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through the transformation. … You cannot connect multiple active transformations or an active and a passive transformation to the same downstream transformation or transformation input group.

Can we use normalizer in mapplet?

You cannot include the following objects in a mapplet: – Normalizer transformations – Cobol sources – XML Source Qualifier transformations – XML sources – Target definitions – Pre- and post- session stored procedures – Other mapplets” but it is not explained why? Regards, Komal.

Can mapplet have source qualifier?

A mapplet can define source definitions of key data and a source qualifier to provide data for mapping. … Data can be transformed into multiple pipelines.

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What is Informatica mapplet?

A mapplet is a reusable object containing a set of transformations that you can use in multiple mappings. Use a mapplet in a mapping. Or, validate the mapplet as a rule. Transformations in a mapplet can be reusable or non-reusable. If you add a Sequence Generator transformation to a mapplet, it must be reusable.

Can we generate surrogate keys in Informatica?

1. If all of fk1, fk2, or fk3 is NOT NULL, then create key using fk1, fk2, and fk3. 2.

Can mapplet have target?

Each mapplet must contain one or more Output transformations to pass data from the mapplet into the mapping. Mapplet ports: … 1) Target definitions – Mapplet is just the set of reusable transformation, it is not used to load data in target.

How do I show mappings in Informatica?

To open a mapping, drag it from the Navigator into the Mapping Designer workspace. If you have a mapping in the same folder already open, the Designer prompts you to close it before continuing. Click OK to close the current mapping and open the other one. You can open one mapping at a time in a folder.

Is update strategy an active transformation?

The Update Strategy Transformation in Informatica is an Active and Connected transformation. It is useful to update, insert, or delete the records in a target based on source table data. And the beauty of this transformation is: you can restrict the records from not reaching into the target table.

Why Union is active transformation in Informatica?

The Union transformation is an active transformation that you use to merge data from multiple pipelines into a single pipeline. … The Union transformation enables you to make the metadata of the streams alike so that you can combine the data sources in a single target.

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How can we connect two active transformations in Informatica?

Option 1: Load the content into a landing table or a temp relational table and use the Source Qualifier transformation. Option 2: Use the Joiner transformation if there is a common connecting key. This might impact the overall run time of the workflow based on the logic implemented and the volumes of data.