You asked: What does Dee up mean?

What does D D-up mean?

D-Up: An abbreviated term for playing defense. The term is usually yelled by teammates after an opposing player has scored 20 points at your expense. … These players don’t guard a specific player, but instead focus on “zones” of the court.

Is Dee a word?

Yes, dee is in the scrabble dictionary.

Where does divvy up come from?

“to divide (up),” 1877, American English, originally a noun (1865), a slang shortening of dividend. The verb is primary now (the noun is not in “Webster’s New World Dictionary”), leading some (such as “Webster’s”) to think the word is a slang alteration of divide.

How do you spell t/d-up?

: to place (a ball) on a tee It’s time to tee up. He teed the ball up.

What does dap me up mean?

to knock your fist against someone else’s fist as a greeting or an expression of admiration.

What is Dee short for?

♀ Dee (girl)

It is of Welsh origin, and the meaning of Dee is “swarthy“. Short form of names beginning with the letter D. Also form of Danae. Also form of Deirdre.

What kind of noun is Dee?

proper noun

2A river that rises in North Wales and flows into England, past Chester and on into the Irish Sea.

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Is DIVY a swear word?

Div is a scouse word for idiot. It is short for divvy which in turn is a corruption of Deva.

What’s a divvy slang?

If you call someone a divvy, you are saying in a humorous way that you think they are rather foolish. [British, informal] Synonyms: share, cut [informal], dividend, percentage More Synonyms of divvy.

What is Divies?

transitive verb. : divide, share —usually used with up.