You asked: Who helped Neha to wake up early?

Who woke Neha up on the last day?

Neha herself woke up on the last day. On which day did Neha wake up by herself? Solution: Neha woke up by herself on Sunday.

How does Neha wake up when no one wakes her?

Neha’s alarm clock is a story about a girl whose alarm always rings at six every morning she wakes up early to go to school. … Even if she stops her alarm, the chirping sounds of the birds will wake her up.

What does Neha do when her clock ring in the morning?

Answer: She switched off her clock and went back to sleep in the morning.

Who is the poet of the poem wake up?

Ans: “Wake Up” by C. Fletcher beautifully describes the morning scene for the readers. Students can thoroughly enjoy the poem due to the eloquent use of imagery by the poet.

What were the three wishes of Neha?

13. What all wishes of Neha came true? Ans – Neha wished that the alarm clock would not ring, the birds would not come to the window sill to wake her up and the sun would not brighten her room.

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Why does Neha get up early?

Why Neha has to get up early? Neha has to catch her school bus so she has to get up early.

Why was Neha happy?

Why was Neha happy ? Ans. Neha was happy because her clock has fallen.

Who is the poet of noses?

Unit -2 Poem – Noses (Aileen Fisher) Summary – A child looks into the mirror and she feels that her nose grows in a funny and strange way. It sticks right out of her face. It has to small holes through which air goes in and out.

How was Neha feeling in the morning answer?

Q2. How was Neha feeling in the morning? Ans. Neha was excited and scared in the morning.

Which creature wake up in the morning?

Ans. Birds, bees, cows, horses, ducks, sheep and chickens wake up in the morning before the child does.