Your question: Can you ship aerosol cans via UPS?

Can I ship Lysol spray ups?

You can still definitely ship Lysol or Clorox spray containers with USPS. However, USPS classifies Lysol or Clorox as both corrosive hazardous material and as aerosols. Shipping aerosols is a whole different ball game, but USPS still restricts these shipments to ground transportation services.

Does FedEx ship aerosol cans?

Aerosols are classified as Dangerous Goods UN1950, Hazard Class 2 (with subdivisions) therefore must be packaged in accordance with IATA regulations.

Can you ship chemicals ups?

UPS accepts hazardous materials on a contract basis only, servicing the U.S. and specific locations outside the U.S. Within the U.S. and Puerto Rico, UPS accepts non-bulk quantities of hazardous materials for transport by highway and rail, or air modes when prepared in accordance with the U.S. Department of …

Can you mail aerosol hairspray?

Hairspray and other aerosols that are consumer commodities can be shipped by surface mail as long as they are packaged properly. Liquids must be properly sealed in a waterproof container. Packages containing liquid should have arrows indicating which direction is upright.

How do I send an aerosol by post?

Aerosols must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage. An ID8000 label must be applied (see an example of an ID8000 label). The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

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Is Lysol spray flammable?

Lysol is a flammable aerosol and therefore cannot be brought onto a commercial aircraft by passengers or crew,” Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, wrote in an e-mail.

Can you ship an aerosol can?

If you’re shipping non-flammable aerosols, you’re in luck! You can use any USPS service to ship non-flammable aerosols. That means you’re free to use USPS First Class Package Service, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express. Some examples of non-flammable aerosols include shaving cream, whipped cream, and cheese whiz.

How do you ship aerosols abroad?

Packing your shipment safely

  1. Use combination packaging. Keep sprays and aerosols in secure rows with inner packaging before placing them in robust outer packaging.
  2. Don’t ship without a lid. Ensure that each item has a cap or some form of protection against accidental leakage.
  3. Fill any empty spaces.

How do I ship a limited quantity Hazmat?

Even for limited quantities of hazmat, packages still must:

  1. Meet select general packaging requirements at IMDG 4.1. 1.1-4.1. 1.8;
  2. Be “combination” packaging;
  3. Not exceed a gross weight of 30 kg; and.
  4. Conform to the quantity limits specified in Column 7a of the IMDG Code 3.2 Dangerous Goods List.

Can I ship hand sanitizer UPS?

The short answer is that yes, technically, you can ship hand sanitizer with UPS, as well as things like wipes and masks. However, products containing alcohol (like hand sanitizer) are subject to IATA shipping rules.

What is not allowed to ship UPS?

Prohibited Items

Bank bills, notes or currency (Other than coin) Common fireworks. Hazardous waste or hazardous waste service. Human remains, fetal remains, human body parts, human embryos, or components thereof.

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Can you ship bleach UPS?

May include paints, bleaches, spray cans under pressure, and numerous other dangerous items. May include paints, bleaches, spray cans under pressure, and numerous other dangerous items. Potential Hazard : May contain small arms ammunition or other camping related items.