Your question: How do you cheer someone up sentences?

How do you say cheer up in a nice way?


  1. become cheerful.
  2. buck up.
  3. buoy up.
  4. cheer.
  5. cheer up.
  6. clear up.
  7. encourage.
  8. enliven.

How do you cheer someone up in English?

These phrases are ways to tell someone to keep trying:

  1. Hang in there.
  2. Don’t give up.
  3. Keep pushing.
  4. Keep fighting!
  5. Stay strong.
  6. Never give up.
  7. Never say ‘die’.
  8. Come on! You can do it!.

How do you use the word cheer up?

become cheerful.

  1. Cheer up! It can’t be as bad as all that.
  2. Cheer up! It’s not that bad!
  3. Bright curtains can cheer up a dull room.
  4. Flowers always cheer up a room.
  5. Cheer up! The news isn’t too bad.
  6. Cheer up! The worst is over.
  7. Cheer up! Victory is just round the corner.
  8. Cheer up, it’s not quite hopeless yet.

How do you say cheer up without cheering up?

10 Things To Say Instead Of “Cheer Up”

  1. I love you. …
  2. Would you like to… …
  3. Can I take something off your plate? …
  4. You’re wonderful/strong/amazing/etc. …
  5. Hey, remember that time? …
  6. I’m here to listen. …
  7. Do you need some quiet time or space? …
  8. Do you just need some company?
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What can I say to support someone?

So to best support a friend or family member, you could say I’ll support you no matter what, or I’ll support you either way. I’ll support you, no matter what you decide. Phrase number eight isn’t my favorite one on the list, but it’s close. I’ve got your back.

How do you comfort someone?

Best Way To Comfort Someone (10 Tips)

  1. Acknowledge Their Feelings.
  2. Repeat Their Feelings.
  3. Draw Their Emotions Out.
  4. Don’t Minimize Their Pain.
  5. Be There For Them, Right At That Moment.
  6. Offer Physical Affection, When Appropriate.
  7. Express Your Support.
  8. Tell Them They’re Special.

What is Cheer up in grammar?

: to become happier They cheered up at the mention of her name. Cheer up—things will get better!

How do you use come up in a sentence?

You should come up to Parkside. Howie must have come up to her as his voice replaced hers. I told you it was his idea to come up to see me. So he had come up to entice Katie back.

Can you cheer me up meaning?

cheer up. 1. To become happier or experience improvement in one’s mood, especially when sad or discouraged. Typically used as an imperative.